With a worldwide network of Precious

Metals dealers, producers, consumers and speculators


      Bullion refers to precious metals including gold bars, silver bars and other precious metals bars or ingots, in bulk form which are regularly traded on commodity markets.

      Due to a worldwide network of precious metals dealers, consumers, producers and speculators, Proton Markets brings a breadth of experience to our clients.

Key features available for Metals Traders

  • Instant executions
  • Position tracking
  • Account management
  • Narrow spreads
  • First-ever market depth on Bullion

What are the advantages of precious metals trading with Proton Markets?

  • Tight Spreads from 25 pips on XAU/USD
  • 24 hours trading from Sunday 5PM until Friday 5PM
  • You can avail many trading opportunities in both rising and falling markets
  • You wil have 24 hours prompt and steady nano-second execution
  • First-ever market depth on Bullion
  • You can easily trade gold and silver online with no worries of requotes
  • Bullion is a profitable investment alternative beside Forex
  • Highly liquid markets
  • You can speculate on market uptrends/downtrends
  • You can goo short or long with the same account
  • No extra fees or commissions

Why traders choose
Proton Markets

  • Competitive Spreads
  • Segregated Client Funds
  • Fast Execution
  • 24/5 Support Desk
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • STP trading


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