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Harmonacci Patterns

Metatrader Indicator

The Harmonacci Patterns indicator is probably the most complete fibonacci patterns auto-recognition indicator you can find for the Metatrader Platform. It detects 19 different patterns and takes fibonacci projections as seriously as you.

  • It detects 19 different harmonacci price patterns
  • It plots primary, derived and complementary Fibonacci projections
  • It evaluates past price action and displays every past pattern
  • It includes a multi-symbol and multi-timeframe scanner
  • The indicator analyzes its own quality and performance
  • It uses breakouts to signal profitable entries
  • It plots all the pattern ratios on the chart
  • It implements email/sound/visual alerts
  • Inspired by Mr. Scott M. Carney's book -Harmonic Trading Vol. 1-, this indicator has been designed to fulfill the needs of the most purist and exigent traders. However, it implements a twist to make it easier to trade: it waits for a donchian breakout in the right direction before signaling the trade, making its signals very reliable.

  • Fibonacci projections are vector-independent
  • It implements email/sound/push alerts
  • It plots the ABCD projection
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